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Since 1992, Laboratorio Lemos SRL has continued the work of the Polychaco SAIC company, created by Dr. Jorge Fernando Yanovsky to develop simple diagnostic systems for endemic infectious diseases, such as Chagas, so that they could be used not only in specialized laboratories , but also in places with limited infrastructure, where endemicity is more important. 

Nowadays, Laboratorio Lemos SRL, is the most specialized Argentine laboratory to provide diagnostic and epidemiological tools for Chagas disease, and has the knowledge and tools that are necessary to carry out therapeutic follow-up of all those possibly infected in Latin America.

Due to its history and experience acquired over the last thirty years, Laboratorio Lemos SRL is a leader in Latin America in terms of diversity and breadth of scope, in methods and technologies for the control of Chagas Disease.

Recently, Laboratorio Lemos SRL co-developed, together with scientists from Fundación Instituto Leloir, CONICET, and the University of San Martín, various tools for the in vitro diagnosis of COVID-19, including the ELISA COVIDAR IgG test, which is used throughout the Argentine Republic and countries in the region to measure the immune response against SARS-CoV-2 virus infection, as well as the response to vaccination.

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